Jobs to Apply for with a Bachelors in Business Administration

Project Management and Other Career Development Tools – University of California, Irvine: This course prepares students for careers in business administration with topics in project planning, change control, and risk management. Learning outcomes include the ability to allocate project resources and collaborate with colleagues in writing. In addition, nearly 40% of learners who complete the course start a new career. Compliance officers ensure that companies comply with the laws and regulations in their industry. A compliance officer must not only comply with the law, but also ensure that the company`s activities comply with internal standards. Employment prospects are improving – above average at 18%. 12,700 new jobs are to be opened over the next 10 years with an average salary of US$81,430. As you can see, employers are looking for candidates who are effective communicators, intelligent and critical thinkers, and able to manage resources. Studying business administration is a surefire way to become that candidate. The duration also depends on the type of degree you choose. An associate degree program can last two years. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration can expect to enroll in a four-year program. If a student is transferred from another program with transferable credits, this period may be reduced to two years.

For example, you need strong analytical skills to make data-driven business decisions, and you need communication expertise to present those decisions effectively. A Bachelor of Business Administration is a popular business program that can help you learn the fundamentals of business administration while developing your leadership skills. How to get the job: While most security analysts have a bachelor`s degree related to computer science, some companies prefer candidates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Systems. This degree typically includes courses related to business and computer science. As you develop your skills, you may be able to move into positions such as Chief Security Officer or IT Project Manager. With strong employment growth of 14%, 124,400 new jobs are expected to be created over the next 10 years. The median salary is $87,660. A recent survey by the National Center for Education Statistics found that U.S.

schools awarded the highest number of master`s degrees in business, outperforming education — the second — by more than 25 percent. If you start with an associate`s degree, your career can begin as a specialist or technician; Managers are more likely to have a bachelor`s degree, while MBA graduates can become directors. A company`s most valuable asset will always be its human capital. Human resources managers are responsible for human resources management, which begins at the recruitment level and continues with payroll, training, compliance, benefits, planning, retention, consulting, strategic planning, etc. A medical manager works closely with medical staff, patients, and insurance agents over the course of a typical day. Advertising Manager: You don`t need to specialize in marketing or advertising to manage the accounts of clients who need advertising work. To this end, business-educated professionals are often hired and may also oversee internal marketing efforts. Sellers of merchandise such as furniture store Rooms to Go or Ikea need to remain highly visible and competitive in order to reach consumers and target the right advertising channels.

This is something that requires the organizational and analytical skills of business majors. Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs: Founded more than 30 years ago and recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation, ACBSP aims to ensure that “every high-quality business program is accredited worldwide.” The organization accredits business programs at all levels of post-secondary education, including the associate level. With all the great jobs out there, it`s time to take the necessary steps to get one. You no longer have to ask yourself, “What can I do with a business degree?” It`s time to graduate. Here are nine great jobs for the business graduate: Companies in this sector run businesses or secure their financial assets. You can acquire a majority stake in a company or influence management decisions. The following sections highlight different ways to get the most out of a career with a business degree. Financial advisors help businesses and individuals spend and manage their finances.

For an individual, this includes everything from mortgages to university savings accounts to investments. For companies, they work with in-house accountants and other departments to coordinate appropriate investment opportunities. They are constantly monitoring many different key markets to get a good idea of the future financial world. To learn more about how a business degree can fit into your life, contact our consultants or visit our campus offices in Hialeah or Miami. Professionals can take industry certification programs, continuing education opportunities, and university certificates to continue learning relevant skills. Many universities offer online certificates that allow professionals to participate in continuing education without interrupting their careers. To make sure you get the career you want, look at the programs that best suit your needs. For example, if you`re considering a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, make sure it`s modernized with today`s world. In general, programs should include some form of data analysis and automation via artificial intelligence, as these are the current problems today. The minimum education requirement for a marketing manager is a bachelor`s degree in business, advertising, communications, or other related fields.

Many obtain a master`s degree to increase their competitiveness in the labour market.

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