Sunscreen Blinds

The most common blinds now, because it’s very durable and easy to use. I consists of 3 main parts, (Part1) Head rail: A stainless steel and a corrosion –resistant tube with a circular shaped machine with a strong plastic gear hanging from it a chain of the same material connected to a rope of silk and PVC material that cannot be cut. (Part2) Fabric: consists of a fabric made of fiberglass that is heat resistant with a layer of Blackout to ensure that the light is not completely permeable. Another type contains Sunscreen cloth, which allows a very percentage of light to penetrate, roller blinds can be easily by water. (part3) The Bar: it exists at the end of the cloth section with PVC material, which maintains the balance of the curtain while moving.

You can also print on the roller blinds and control the blind manually or automatically by electric motor. Roller blinds are suitable for residential and commercial spaces, due the wide variety of fabrics which can be: plain, jacquard, printed blackouts which prevent light and heat, or sunscreens which prevent heat and provides a percentage of light that can be 1%, 3%, 5% or 10%.

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Sunscreen Blinds

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