Zebra Blinds

They are the modern alternatives to the horizontal blinds. They are roller shades that allow you to transition between sheer and privacy. The blinds can be adjusted so that the 3 zebra stripes lineup privacy, light control and insulation. Adjust the blinds slightly, alleging the 2 sheer fabric section to allow incoming daylight. Zebra shades comes in 7 light filtering options, or 4 blackout options, they can be a great addition to a bedroom or living room.
They allow you to adjust the natural light level by simply pulling the chain. Unlike roller shades they can be cracked slightly only allowing very little light into the room. Zebra blinds are a great addition to a living room window to give a spin on a regular Roller shade or Horizontal blind.


Sun Screen Blinds

The most common blinds now, because it’s very durable and easy to use. I consists of 3 main parts, (Part1) Head rail: A stainless steel and a corrosion –resistant tube with a circular shaped machine with a strong plastic gear hanging from it a chain of the same material connected to a rope of silk and PVC material that cannot be cut. (Part2) Fabric: consists of a fabric made of fiberglass that is heat resistant with a layer of Blackout to ensure that the light is not completely permeable. Another type contains Sunscreen cloth, which allows a very percentage of light to penetrate, roller blinds can be easily by water. (part3) The Bar: it exists at the end of the cloth section with PVC material, which maintains the balance of the curtain while moving.ct-te


Vertical Blinds

* Vertical blinds are made of processed fabric strips, first sort, free from industrial defects.
* Curtains are resistant to the heat of the sun without affecting their color.
The width of the slide is 12.7 cm.
* The slats stick to each other when closed, with a distance of not less than 1 cm from both sides.
* The curtain slides are suspended vertically by means of pendants that move inside a heavy aluminum duct.
* The slats are kept in a vertical position by means of a plastic weight fixed at the end of the slats within folds similar to the top fold.
* The slides are connected from the bottom by means of plastic chains (non-cut) connected along the moving part and installed in small circular rings protruding from the end of the weight in order to maintain the distance between the slides and prevent their overlapping
when opening and closing.

* The slices move by means of a cordon of the Terlins to move the slices on the horizontal axis, and it has a reinforced plastic pendant at its end, and plastic chains to move the slices on the vertical axis.


Blackout Blinds

The black out fabric completely blocks the sun light. We recommend such a roller blind for bathrooms. Want a lot of privacy? Want to keep the sun out of your home? Want to give your home a designer look? Then the blackout roller blinds are the answer to your problem. The special fabrics they are made from have a high density ensuring intimacy. The blackout roller blinds come in various colours and patterns, so that you have the chance to find the best choice for your home or your office.


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